Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.

Who is Who

Meet the staff at our school!

RoleNameClassYearAdditional Responsibility
Head TeacherMs J Barton  Safeguarding Lead
Deputy Head TeacherMr A Wootton  

E safety Lead

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Assistant HeadMrs H Rose  


Inclusion / Behaviour Lead

Safeguarding Officer

Designated teacher for Children in Care and Previously Looked After Children

Assistant HeadMrs R Marks  

Teaching and Learning

Upper KS2 Lead (maternity cover)

Assistant HeadMiss K HaycockRed KitesYr6

Upper KS2 Lead

Curriculum Leader (currently on maternity)

Chair of GovernorsMr R Satterley   
Clerk to GovernorsMrs E Green   
Senior AdministratorMrs L Douglas   

Mrs B Lamacraft

Mrs N Weatherdon

Mrs E Green


Senior Finance Administrator


Attendance Officer


TeacherMiss L LeanFledglings EYFS Lead
TeacherMrs F AshfieldFledglings 


TeacherMiss K BennettRobinsRLiteracy team
TeacherMiss E ClementsSparrowsRPHSE team
TeacherMiss M Lawton Blackbirds Yr1Maths team
TeacherMrs H HammondWoodpeckersYr1

Art team

Initial teacher training lead

TeacherMrs C LambsheadChaffinchesY 2

KS1 Lead

Literacy Team

RWi Lead

TeacherMiss WaltersChaffinchesY2ECT Mentor
TeacherMrs SmithSongthrushesY2 
TeacherMiss A ReidSongthrushesYr2

PE Lead

(currently on maternity)

TeacherMr R CooperHeronsYr3

Maths Lead

TeacherMiss L ThomasKingfishersYr3

PE Lead

Music Lead

TeacherMrs H RustonMagpiesYr4

Lower KS2 Lead


TeacherMr G VaughanRavensYr4ICT Lead
TeacherMr M EasterbrookKestrelsYr5

PE Lead

History Lead

TeacherMiss D MedlandPeregrinesYr5 
TeacherMrs C SmerdonRed KitesYr6Offsite Residential Lead (currently on maternity)
TeacherMiss K HaycockRed KitesYr 6

KS2 Leader

Curriculum lead (currently on maternity)


TeacherMr J ButtersRed KitesYr 6Offsite activities lead
TeacherMiss E BaconTawny OwlsYr6Literacy Lead
Outdoor Classroom

Miss A Cox

Mrs T Heath


Science Team

School Council

LSAMr L Radford  

Inclusion Team Lead

Safeguarding Officer

LSAMiss J Thompson  

Family Support Worker & Inclusion Team 

Safeguarding Officer

HLTAMrs K Clarke  KS1 Cover & LSA Lead
Cover SupervisorMr J Burford  

KS2 Cover & LSA Lead

Breakfast & After School Club Manager

EYFS Practitioners

Mrs K Clark

Miss S Henley

Mrs D Palma

Mrs D Whitmore (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs L Sercombe

Mrs K Jones

Miss S Beer

Miss J Langworthy




Mrs D Hedge

Mrs L Steer

Mrs S Wakeham

Miss S Hayden

Mrs A Newson

Mrs L McLean

Mrs R Stancombe

Miss L Gibbs


Mrs M Thomas

Miss A Rendel

Mrs L Portsmouth

Mrs A Williams

Mrs D Heywood

Mrs L Briggs

Mrs K Edwards

Sports CoachMr D Knott Yr1 - 6 
Breakfast & After School Club

Mr J Burford

Mrs K Vicary

Mrs C Walker

Mrs K Edwards

Mr L Radford

Mrs H Wills

Miss A Rendle