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What we are learning

Summer term vehicle learning

Woodpecker class visited a local care home and drew portraits of the residents. They loved spending time with the residents and listening to stories about their life. When they left, they added more detail to their drawings and created beautiful frames for them. Mrs Hammond took the finished portraits back to the care home as a gift for the residents. The children were very proud of their fantastic portraits, the residents loved them too! 

Spring 2023 vehicle overview

Vehicle destination: Transport Museum through the ages.

We will be looking at the chronology, history and different types of transport. We will be focusing specifically at the changes in transport within the changes of their living memory. We will look at horse and carriages, cars, bikes, boats, planes and trains. We will also look at the future of transport and where it is going.


We will focus on learning facts about what makes an effective mode of transport and why we use different types of transport. In Autumn 2 we will design and create an interactive transport information station and museum demonstrating transport through the ages.

Children will use black and white photos to draw historical vehicles ready for the showcase, end of destination.



In math, we will be looking at number bonds to 10 . We will be investigating odd and even numbers and using a variety of resources to show our understanding. We will be looking at representing numbers using the part-whole model and comparing numbers using 'greater than, more than and equal.'


Continuous Provision

In Year 1, the children access continuous provision daily. Continuous provision describes all of the different provision areas which are available for your children to use every day. Within each of these areas of provision, there are a core range of resources that children can use all of the time, throughout the whole year. The purpose of an effective continuous provision is to offer children a constant environment that is safe for them to explore whilst challenging their learning. It allows children the freedom to explore and become independent in making choices. In our continuous provision, the children can complete additional challenges, which link closely to what we are learning about in our vehicle or in other subjects. We call these additional tasks rainbow challenges. If children complete all 7 challenges in a week, they will receive a certificate on Friday. 


Literacy lessons 

In Literacy, we will be learning about travelling through the story of 'Journey' by Aaron Becker.



PSHE lessons

We will learn all about ourselves and our relationships at home and at school.