Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.

What we are learning

This term we will be starting with a learning all about 'Dinosaurs.' We will begin this vehicle by the children coming into school dressed up as ‘Harry’ from Harry and the bucket of dinosaurs. They will find large dinosaur footprints outside the year 1 building, leading up towards the forest. Inside the forest there will be large frozen dinosaur eggs, some of the eggs could be hatched, where could they be? What came from these eggs?

In maths, we will be looking at number bonds to 10 and 20. We will be investigating odd and even numbers and using a variety of resources to show our understanding.

In PE we will be exploring dance as a way of expressing different ways dinosaurs could move to express themselves. We will be listening to different pieces of music and adapting our dance styles and expressions accordingly. Outdoor PE will consist of learning the fundamentals of ball skills to help our hand and eye coordination. We will also be following a sequence of orienteering lessons, looking at compass and map work to support our understanding of position.  

We will visit the Dinosaur Museum in Torquay so that the children can learn facts about dinosaurs and see the scale of them. The children will draw their favourite dinosaur and use this to help them create a 3D model of it back in school.

Parent workshop to help create scenery in school with the children.

In Summer 1 we will focus on learning facts about dinosaurs and design and create our puppets. In Summer 2 we will learn all about how to put on an effective dinosaur show for an audience.

Children will be selling tickets to their grown up to pay for resources and supplies.

A puppet expert will be coming into school to help the children create life size models of their favourite dinosaur! 



We will be following our successful 'Talk for Writing' programme, whereby the children will learn the language and actions of the story, so that they can get to know the story really well and retell it to others. As a class, we will change one aspect of the story and then the children will invent their own.