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History Vision Statement


At Bradley Barton, we aim for all of the children to develop themselves socially, personally and cognitively as part of a restorative community. History contributes to this by equipping children with a number of vital skills for the future. As well as giving them an understanding of their shared cultural heritage, it supports them in developing critical thinking skills, asking perceptive questions, weighing evidence and developing their own evidence-based opinions. We believe that history should be fun and engaging and should encourage children to want to find out more about how the past has helped the world get to where it is today.


History at Bradley Barton


Wherever possible, history is taught within our cross-curricular 'vehicle' approach. This is designed to make it as engaging and relevant for the children as possible. However, we do not wish to force history into vehicles where it would be taught in the depth required, so we will at times have whole-school, whole-key stage or whole-year-group 'history weeks', where a topic can be delved into for an entire week.


Each year group has specific historical periods to focus on, which are listed below. History units are designed to be knowledge-rich, meaning that children will learn a great deal about that period. They are also designed to include as much primary source material as possible to encourage children to form their own questions, investigate these questions, and develop their own opinions based on what they have found. Each year group has a list of historical vocabulary which children should be using to discuss historical periods. This file is attached below for you to use at home when sharing your children's learning.


History Progression


The National Curriculum is designed to be progressive, meaning the knowledge and skills are built upon from one year to the next. At Bradley Barton, we have designed our history curriculum to ensure that this knowledge progresses chronologically. Therefore, the following periods/themes will be taught:


Year GroupHistorical Period/Theme 1Historical Period/Theme 2

Significant events within their own lives and experiences, including family customs and routines.

Changes within their familiar world within the lifetime, including developing an understanding of similarity, difference and change.
Year 1The lives of famous people from the past, including at least one from our local area.The differences between the lives of their grandparents as children to their own life, including school days, toys and other objects.
Year 2

The lives of famous people from outside the UK.

The Great Fire of London, with a focus on the differences between their lives and children's lives at the time.

Changes within the local area in the past 100 years.
Year 3Stone Age to Iron Age Britain.

Ancient Sumer, The Indus Valley and the Shang Dynasty.

A particular focus on Ancient Egypt.

Year 4Ancient Greece.Roman Britain.
Year 5Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.The Tudors (a theme in British history beyond 1066).
Year 6The MayaWorld War II, with a particular focus on the impact of the war on the local area.


If you would like to know more about history at Bradley Barton, Miss Medland is the history leader and would happily discuss it with you. Additionally, if you can offer any expertise or artifacts to enrich the history curriculum at our school, Miss Medland would be delighted to hear from you.

Useful History Documents