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What we are learning

Our Spring Term Vehicle

Our Autumn Term Vehicle

The children will be immersed into WW2 by participating in a WW2 evacuation hook day. They will experience a little of WW2 through role play and begin to understand what it may have been like for children who lived during this time. With this introduction, they will begin to question what war is and how the war started. As the vehicle goes on, the children will find out how the war progressed until the Battle of Britain, how the Battle of Britain was a turning point and how the war ended. Once the children have the foundations of knowledge about the war, they will start to look at stop-motion animations and learn the skills in order to create their own. The children will use plasticine, developing their use of tools to create different effects. Back drops will be created and music soundtracks developed to accompany the film. Once the animations have been created, the children will premier their films at the local cinema to their parents.

Our Class Read

We are currently reading 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Q. Rauf. The children voted to read this from a selection of eight other books. We have a number of other books by the same author in the class library, which the children are welcome to read at any time.