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Retrieval Roulette



Retrieval Roulette




  • Excel spreadsheet (blank format in this folder)
  • Paper / WBs for recording answers

To set up














  1. Please note that care is needed to only write into first tab, and the highlighted yellow boxes for the other tabs
  2. After the lesson, summarise what knowledge children should now know in questions and answers (“INPUT QUESTIONS HERE” tab)
  3. Decide if you want C to retrieve from current topic only (use blocking tabs) or across a range of learning (use interleaving tabs)
  4. Select the number of questions (blue cell)
  5. Select range (yellow cells) of questions to be accessed, by typing question numbers, then “enter”

Step by Step

  1. Display questions on IWB
  2.  Children answer independently
  3. Discuss answers and clarify any misconceptions

Variation: Display the answers tab instead, and see if children can generate a suitable questions!