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EYFS and KS1

This week we would like you and your family to help raise awareness of Mental Health, within our community at Bradley Barton. 

This year, the Mental Health Foundation has chosen to celebrate kindness and we would like you to help us celebrate this too.


Your challenge is to create a family kindness jar!


You will need:

  • Paper or lolly sticks
  • pens
  • a jar or pot of any kind


How to Make a Family Kindness Jar


1) Get all the people living within your home, to sit around together.

2) Write down random acts of kindness that you would like to do.

For example: draw a picture and send to someone on their own, help your adults make dinner, help your sibling with their home learning.

(Adults please support children to come up with ideas that follow 2m social distancing rule)

3) Put all your random acts of kindness into your jar.

4) Each day, take one act of kindness from the jar and do something kind for someone else.

5) Send a photo or a message to your class teacher to let them know what kind thing you have done today.


Keep your eyes peeled, someone in your house might do something really kind for you!