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  • One flashcard per keyword / question / topic on one side, and matching explanation on the other. May be useful for adult to prepare on the first occasion!
  • Three pockets / envelopes / boxes, marked “Box 1: Daily”, “Box 2:Tuesday and Thursday only” and “Box 3:Friday only”

To set up

  • Collect all three boxes and flashcards (must not be mixed up inbetween sessions)


Step by Step

  1. Child picks the first flashcard from box 1. They look at the key word and test their knowledge.
  2. Child turns the card over to check accuracy
  3. If correct, it moves onto box 2, if incorrect it stays in box 1
  4. Repeat for other cards in the box
  5. On Tuesday and Thursday, include box 2, and repeat the above procedure, moving to box 3 if successful
  6. On Friday, include box 3, and repeat the above procedure