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How you can help at home

Our school's curriculum is rooted around a single, purposeful "vehicle", which is characterised by:

a) a rich, real-life context for learning

b) a motivating outcome, involving the wider community where possible


At the start of every "vehicle", class teachers send out their vehicle journey document, and post it on the website, under their class page. This allows families to look ahead to what is to come, and provide enrichment opportunities, for example through weekend activities and library books.


At the end of the first half term, class teachers send out a document containing key retrieval questions and answers. This shows the knowledge the children have covered so far. Families are expected to support their child in retrieving their knowledge through the child's preferred retrieval strategy (please see retrieval strategies tab).


At the end of the second half term of the vehicle, retrieval questions and answers for the second half term will be sent out by class teachers. Following retrieval practice, children are expected to present their learning from their vehicle in any way they choose (e.g. a poster, a recorded documentary, a labelled 3-D model etc). Responses are posted onto seesaw to celebrate in class at the start of the following term.