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What we are learning

This term, the children will host a red-carpet premiere event to promote a nature documentary. They will need to research different biomes including the desert, rainforest, aquatic, grassland and tundra. Their research will include finding out about each biomes’ wildlife, vegetation, temperature and level of rainfall. The children will focus on Brazil as part of the rainforest study and comparing the lifestyle of a Brazilian child to their own, in the UK. As part of their vehicle, the children will study different documentaries. They will split into groups; each group will produce a part of the documentary with a focus on the different biomes. The children will either create a backdrop, use green screen or our local environment to record. They will produce a script and music to use in their documentary. 


For further details, please see our vehicle journey below.


Throughout the Autumn term, we will be studying:



Guided Reading

For the Autumn term, we will spend time in our guided reading sessions reading and exploring the book; My Name is River by Emma Rea.