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Assembly Overview 2022/23


Assemblies at Bradley Barton School


At Bradley Barton, children access a range of collective acts of worship.


We hold:

  • Whole school assemblies
  • Age phase assemblies
  • Whole school celebration assemblies (which are run by our pupil leaders and celebrate our learning and values)
  • Celebration Assemblies where parents/carers join us e.g. for awards including Bronze, Silver and Gold House point badges.
  • Singing Assemblies


Values and Aims


At Bradley Barton School collective worship both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life.   Our caring and restorative ethos, and the value which we place on the development of the whole child; spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and intellectually is reflected in our worship.  We value this special time in the school day for the space it gives children to develop a reflective and mindful approach to life and the ability to express their reflections in traditionally religious ways or any other appropriate manner.


Through our collective worship we aim to provide a caring and supporting environment for children to:


  • Become increasingly aware of themselves as individuals and groups within the school local and wider British community using our School Curriculum for Personal Development
  • Consider philosophical questions using our Challenging Learning approach
  • Grow in understanding of the feelings of other people in everyday situations and those with different beliefs
  • Explore the language which people use to express their feelings
  • Deepen their sense of wonder about the world around them and knowledge of current events
  • Grow in confidence when making a presentation to the group or whole school
  • Respond freely to religious and/or spiritual stimulus
  • Acknowledge diversity and affirm each person’s life stance, whether it be religious or not


Worship both reflects and nurtures the ethos of the whole school.  It encompasses all aspects of school life and all areas of the curriculum so that every member of staff and every pupil may feel involved.  In particular, school worship at Bradley Barton develops the feeling of belonging to a community which is essential for personal development and spiritual growth. Our assembly focus changes to reflect school development plan priorities and includes flexibility to celebrate important religious festivals and reflect on big news events.




Responsibility, Generosity, Peace, Happiness, Patience, Love, Thoughtfulness, Trust, Tolerance, Respect, Co-operation, Equality, Hope, Honesty, Friendship, Understanding, Care, Courage, Resilience, Unity, Appreciation, Freedom.

A is for Activist

Listen to "A is for Activist" by Innosanto Nagara read by Tom Morello
A reading of the inspirational text "A is for Activist" which will form part of our "Outrage of the Month" project - Coming soon!