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Summer 2

Growing and Changing

This half term in our weekly PSHE SCARF lessons we will be looking at Growing and Changing.  

This will include; learning about different feelings, good and bad and different intensities of these feelings. Looking at touch and secrets, how we can identify different types of acceptable and unacceptable and different strategies we can use if someone makes us feel uncomfortable. They will think about how separation from people or things we like can make us feel. They will learn the correct terminology for all of the external sexual organs and discuss puberty in detail. They will also look at behaviour and bullying. 

For more details of the coverage in Summer 2, please see the attached plan below. 


In addition to the weekly lessons, additional Sex and Relationship lessons will be taught across a planned RSE week. Details of the coverage during these lessons is also attached below. 

Year 5 - Growing and Changing