Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.

Sparrows (Reception)

Welcome to Sparrows


Miss Lean Miss Lawton Mrs Stancombe
Teacher & EYFS Lead Teacher EYFS Practitioner


Miss Lean will teach the Sparrows on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.

She is also available in school on a Tuesday morning.

Miss Lawton will teach the Sparrows on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Stancombe, our Learning Support Assistant, will be in class every day.



Well done to all our new Sparrows, you have all settled really well into school life. We are extremely proud of  the way you all leave your parents at the doors and come into class independently.

This half term, we are supporting all the children to make new friends and encourage friendships across the Robins, Sparrows and Nursery. 

We have been sharing 'WOW' slips and they can be found in the classroom on our proud cloud. Thank you to all the families who have shared a WOW moment with us.


We are very EXCITED about the introduction of TAPESTRY in our class. This is an online journal where we will be able to show you photos and observations of your child via an online portal. We will be providing you with further information and log in details in the near future. Any questions, please speak to any of the adults in the unit and we will be happy to help.



Learning to Learn

This year we will continue to embed the Learning to Learn skills across the Foundation Stage Unit. The children will be learning skills to become collaborative learners and using this language in their free learning. We are also developing the skill to be proactive and to reflect on their own and others learning. Can you find our collaborative bees, proactive squirrels and reflective fish in the classroom?





We really value the help and support of parents in the FSU and would love to hear from you if you have a keen interest or talent you could share and teach the children. In previous years we have had parents volunteer to help with cooking, school trips and even bringing in musical instruments to play to the class. We are also extremely grateful for adults who can spare any of their time to listen to the children read and/or to change reading books on a weekly basis.

Please speak to one of the adults in Sparrows for any further information.

Most importantly our doors are always open, whether you need to talk to us, share some of your child's learning with us or just to look around at the amazing displays of the children's learning.