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Activities for 7-11 year olds

Week beginning 29th June


Magazine mosaics


All you need for this activity is coloured paper and glue. If you want your mosaic tiles to have neat edges, you will need scissors too, but you can also rip your paper to make your mosaic pieces.You could use pages from old magazines, or even junk mail.  Alternatively, you can use plain coloured paper scraps.  If you don't have any coloured paper, you can always colour in a few sheets of paper in colours of your choice and then cut those up to use!  Why not get creative and make your mosaic on the outside of a shoe box to make a personalised storage box for your precious things?  Here are a couple of pictures for inspiration.


Have fun!

Week beginning 22nd June


Self portrait drawing


This week, our activity will help us with drawing our self portrait for the school class photo art project. If you are feeling worried about doing it, have as many practice goes as you like. Try not to worry too much about making it look exactly like you. Instead, have fun being creative. This will show your personality, which will make your picture even better! 


Below you can find a link to a very helpful video, and also some written instructions with drawings to help you to draw your face, step by step.


Have fun!

Week Beginning 1st June


Rainbow Name Art

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Child friendly paints in your choice of rainbow colours
  • Lead pencil
  • Scissors

To make:

1. Start with your paper in a landscape position and fold it in half along the long side.

2. Put small dabs of paint onto the top half of the paper. We used red, yellow, blue and purple to achieve a rainbow like effect.

3. Fold the bottom half of the paper up and gently smooth and rub the paper with your fingers so the colours combine. Try to smooth the colours out to the edges of the paper so as much of the white surface as possible is covered. You might find a little oozes out of the sides of the paper.

4. Open your paper and set aside to dry.

5. While the paint dries you might like to take some scrap paper and practise writing your name in block or bubble letters. Play around with combinations of upper and lowercase letters, different styles of lettering and varying the spacing of your letters – being careful to ensure that each letter touches both the top and bottom of the edges of the paper. You also want each letter to touch the ones alongside it at least one point, don’t leave a space between each one. You might find it easier if you first measure your paper and divide it into equally sized spaces, one for each letter of your name.

Once the paint is completely dry, re-fold your paper along the original crease and transfer your favourite lettering combination onto the outside of your rainbow paper.

6. Cut the non-letter spaces away, being careful to not cut all the way between two letters. You might have to get creative with letters that need a hole in the middle (like d and p), we cut neatly up, down or across into that part of the letter shape and then cut around it. You can always tape these closed again on the reverse side.

7. Once you’re cutting is done, unfold your paper.

Have fun making rainbow names for each member of your family.