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Welcome to Chaffinches


Miss Clements






Welcome to CHAFFINCHES class page.

Please read below to find essential class information.


Learning to Learn

In KS1, we encourage the children to develop the vital skills of collaboration, pro-activeness, being reflective, motivated and determined learners, with the following characters; the collaborative bumblebee, the proactive squirrel, the reflective fish, the motivated rainbow and the determined beaver. 


This Term's Learning

Each term, we aim to make the children’s learning as exciting and engaging as possible, starting with a topic launch at the beginning of each new topic. Our fabulous topic for this term is "Conquering Castles". Please see the topic web attached to read in more detail about the areas that we will be covering. 


Collaborating with Woodpeckers, Blackbirds and Songthrushes

Chaffinches are just one of our four KS1 classes in the school alongside Woodpeckers, Blackbirds and Songthrushes. The four classes will continue to work very closely together this year and we will be investigating the same topics each term. We have twice-weekly assemblies, where we all get together to sing, celebrate and share our fantastic learning.


Developing a love of reading

We want all the children to develop a love of reading. We will provide the children with a wide range of reading experiences daily to support this, exposing the children to as many high quality authors and books as possible.


It is essential that the children read as much as possible at home, which can be a mixture of school and home books. The children who read regularly at home, make significantly more progress across the curriculum than those who do not. Reading at home needs to be recorded in the reading diary, which should be signed to confirm that the reading has taken place. Children who read regularly at home will be rewarded to recognise their efforts. This year we are encouraging the children to change their own book as regularly as they need. This will not only develop their independence, but also support their love of reading as they make their own book choices. Please ensure reading record books are in school every day.


Thank you for visiting our class page and make sure you come back regularly for updates. I am always around at the end of each day and I am happy to chat so please come and see me.


Miss Clements