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Multiple Choice Quizzing



Multiple Choice Quizes (Socrative, Quizziz etc)






  • Previously set-up quiz (you can use and adapt other teachers’ existing quizzes to save time)
  • 1 X ipad each (should not be done collaboratively)

To set up

Top tips for writing effective MCQs (taken from extensive research!):

  • Use 4 responses (three plausible options and one “I don’t know yet”, to minimise lucky guesses and emphasis growth mindset)
  • Don’t include “all of the above” or “none of the above” options
  • Ensure all responses are roughly equal in length
  • Use a clear, predictable format, using tier 2 language, with tier 3 for subject specific vocabulary
  • Avoid gimmicks like stressful timers, off-putting music, pop-up memes etc, as this creates additional cognitive load, limiting scope for the working memory
  • Always include “instant feedback” option if possible, as learning from mistakes actually strengthens the memory for next time


Step by Step

  1. Children access quiz using code
  2. Children complete quiz independently and at a relaxed pace – focus on metacognition rather than competition!
  3. Use class trends to identify and discuss misconceptions