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At Bradley Barton, Our intent for reading is to create a whole school reading culture where children are exposed to a wide range of high-quality texts through the VIPERS framework. Children will have the exposure and opportunity to browse various forms of literature, as well as structured teacher-led opportunities to enhance knowledge and skill progression. Our aim is to build in opportunities for the children to develop preferences in reading and for pupils to choose to read for pleasure. Children will be able to recognise authors from a variety of genres and styles of reading that individuals enjoy by engaging in book discussions in a range of contexts, alongside peers and staff. Classes will be encouraged to share and recommend a range of books, as well as explaining their preferences and why. Tools are provided which enable children to use phonetic knowledge to decode and understand challenging words and texts.  




In EYFS, reading starts with phonics which is taught using the Read, Write Inc. programme. Each EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 class sets children in groups, across the year groups, and teachers and LSAs use the Read, Write planning and online resources to deliver a tailored phonics programme. Children are grouped according to their phonics ability and are assessed in a six weekly cycle. Also, children are given home reading books which directly align to the book they have been learning in their phonics group, so that they can read this independently at home. 


From Year 3 onwards, discrete guided reading is also taught for 20-30 at least 3 times a week. During these sessions, teachers use the opportunity to listen to the children read. In the other sessions, the children complete reading related activities usually independently. Guided reading sessions should aim to teach the comprehension and decoding skills required to achieve ARE expectations ( detailed in National Curriculum). At times, additional guided reading sessions are provided through our Fresh Start provision and 1:1 reading opportunities to ensure independent application and to develop comprehension skills.


All classes have a book corner which children are able to access in order to select books for choice and ‘reading for pleasure’.

Children also have choice from additional reading books from the library which they choose for pleasure.

Teachers should make sure that they include a culturally diverse text / historical text as this is an opportunity to grow and develop knowledge and understanding of the world.




For reading, opportunities for reading with the teachers are provided. This enables teachers to record the impact of the lessons and the children's level of fluency. Comprehension is assessed during the lessons, using the children's written and spoken answers as well as PIRA tests which are completed termly. 

For RWI and Fresh start, impact is measured every 6 weeks, in accordance with the program structure. 

The main impact of our literacy program is that the children leave Bradley Barton as confident and competent readers and writers who have the literacy skills needed to access their secondary education and future careers.