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What we are learning

Autumn 2023 vehicle - Traditional Tales

The children will begin the term by being exposed to a range of traditional tales. 

They will then read four adapted stories – The three little wolves and the big bad pig, Jack and the baked beanstalk, Pretty Salma, a story of little red riding hood and Goldilocks. 

The children will have opportunities to retell the stories, make puppets and puppet shows and create their own small world adaptations based on traditional tales. 

During the second part of the term the children will begin to explore ways of changing the stories – changing the character or outcome.   



In maths, we will be looking at number bonds to 10 . We will be investigating odd and even numbers and using a variety of resources to show our understanding. We will be looking at representing numbers using the part-whole model and comparing numbers using 'greater than, more than and equal.'