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This week (24/01/20), please continue to practise the spellings on your sheet which have not been tickled pink. Maybe ask a grown up to test you on the ones you practised last week. If you got them all right, choose 5 more to practise this week. 


This week (17/01/20), I have sent the children home with a list of Year 2 Common Exception Words.  These are primarily words that cannot be spelt phonetically and just have to be 'learnt'. The pinks are the ones that they know already. Each week please pick a few words (maximum 5) to practise reading and spelling. Record the practise in the homework books and continue to send these in. 



This week (24/01/20), we have been looking at statistics in maths, using charts and tallies. This week I'd like you to ask a question to your families at home (and anyone else you can find). The question is;

What is your favourite fruit?

Make a chart in your homework books and record your findings using a tallies. 


Before Christmas and for the past couple of weeks the children have been working on multiplication and division in class. 

For homework, please support your child in using the Times Table Rockstars game. This is available on phones/ desktop computers and iPads. This will help their quick recall of multiplication and the corresponding division facts. There is not need to record this is their books, I am able to check who is accessing the game online and set challenges! If you have any difficulties with this please let me know.


24/01/20 - This week we have been focusing on the country of China, in Asia and it is Chinese New Year! We have all found out which year we were born in and the animal that the Chinese associate with it. For homework, could you find out which year your grown ups at home were born in and which animal represents them? Record this in your topic book. If you can find out more information about that animal, the lucky colours, the lucky numbers or which other animal they get on with the best, you could make a small fact file in your topic book too. 

I've attached a poster underneath which may help you to work out which animal your grown-up is!


17/01/20 - This week we have been learning about the 7 continents of the world. There is an excellent (very catchy) song on YouTube (search for continents song Australasia). 

This week I'd like the children to choose a continent that they would like to find out more about and create a fact file in their homework books. If they would like to learn about more than one continent they are more than welcome! 

Chinese New Year Poster

Our Christmas Nativity Songs

08 Christmas Is For You - Backing Singer.mp3

Prickly Hay

If You Think You're Not Important

Three Wise Men

Mary's Lullabye

Clip-Clop Little Donkey

Working in a Stable

The Stable Hoedown

Challenging Maths

Please find below some examples of challenging maths problems. The children will need to use their existing knowledge and understanding to be able to explain their thinking, justify their reasoning and solve these problems. These are not compulsory. Feel free to print them, stick them into Homework books or work through them practically using things that you have at home. If you'd like to send a picture of the maths pop it on dojo! 

So far at school we have covered Place Value and Addition and Subtraction.