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Activity 1

Making Mandalas


Making mandalas is a great way to be creative and can also be very calming.  Many people create or colour mandalas to help them to practice mindfulness, and historically they play an important role in meditation practices for several of the World's major religions.


The best thing about making mandalas is that you don't need any equipment to make them.  You can use whatever you like!  The key part of a mandala is the symmetry and repeating pattern.  Why not make your mandala on the beach from pebbles and shells, in the garden from leaves and flowers (checking they are safe and OK to pick), in the kitchen using dried ingredients, from the toy box using lego or use anything else at all?!


Below are a few ideas to help to inspire you.  There are also two printable sheets at the bottom of the page if you would prefer to do some mindfulness colouring.


Have fun!