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Summer 2

Growing and Changing

This half term in our weekly PSHE SCARF lessons we will be looking at our Growing and Changing bodies. 

This will include looking at different types of relationships and what makes a positive and healthy relationship. Understanding what is meant by 'body space' and learning to to protect their own. Looking closely at 'secrets and surprises', how they make them feel and knowing who to talk to if something makes them feel unsafe. Finally, the children will learn that a baby is made by the joining of a sperm and an egg and that girls experience periods as a part of puberty. 

For more details of the coverage in Summer 2, please see the attached plan below. 


In addition to the weekly lessons, additional Sex and Relationship lessons will be taught across an additional RSE week. Details of the coverage during these lessons is also attached below. 

Year 3 - Growing and Changing