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Summer 2

Growing and Changing

This half term in our weekly PSHE SCARF lessons we will be looking at our Growing and Changing bodies. 

This will include; 

- recognising and dealing with changes in our lives

- exploring social media and how what we see isn't always the whole picture

- defining the word 'stereotype' and how the media can reinforce unconscious stereotypes

- understanding the rules for sharing images online and the pressures that can be related to this

- identifying the changes that happen curing puberty, both physical and emotional

- knowing the variety of ways that a sperm can fertilize an egg (including IVF)

- thinking about HIV and how people can protect themselves

For more details of the coverage in Summer 2, please see the attached plan below. 


In addition to the weekly lessons, additional Sex and Relationship lessons will be taught across an additional RSE week. Details of the coverage during these lessons is also attached below. 

Year 6 - Growing and Changing