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Daily PE Menu

PE Menu- Read about what physical activity is, how often you should do it and why!

Please see the PE menu to choose from a variety of different activities. Try to choose something different to complete each day.


For example; Make your own personal weekly PE timetable


Monday: Dance

Tuesday: Work out/fitness

Wednesday: Gymnastics

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Newton Abbot College PE lessons/ Premier Sport football skill video


You could even challenge yourself to do 2 or more different activities a day and change your timetable each week to keep it fun!


Please send any PE activities you do Miss Reid! I'd love to see all the different things you get up to.


HAVE FUN!!!!!laugh


WB 08.02.21 Modern Foreign Languages Week: This week's task is to have a go at the activities on Go Noodle.

You could also search for french songs with actions to learn on the child safety search engine 


Go noodle:










Complete Miss Reid's daily challenge and record your score. We will repeat the same challenges next week to see if you can beat your scores!


Please email Miss Reid if you beat your scores the following week! I'd love to know how you get on and any progress you make! laugh