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Home Learning

Life In Colour - Spring 1 Home Learning

Magic Moments

We love celebrating all of the wonderful things your child does in and out of school. If your child achieves something great at home, please post it on Tapestry! We can then share the magic moment with the class and celebrate all of our successes!

Every child is different and magic moments will vary depending on individual next steps and targets. Some examples of magic moments are:

  • Getting dressed for school all by myself.
  • Trying a new food.
  • Achievements at clubs eg swimming, gymnastics, football.
  • Helping family with tasks.
  • Sleeping in my own bed all night.  


Your child will receive weekly reading home learning which links directly to their Phonics group learning. Each child will be assigned links to the Virual Classroom. These will be shared on Dojo each week. They will also bring home one or more of the following:

  • Letter formation sheets
  • Sound blending books
  • Ditty sheets
  • Black and White books
  • Book Bag books

Please give your child time to engage with their reading home learning, each week. 

Your child's home learning will be sent home inside of a named zip wallet. Please return this each Friday so that new home learning can be provided. If your child does not return their book, they will not be given a new one until it is returned. 


In Robins, we hope that all children will develop a love of reading. We have a wide variety of books in the library for children to read and your child will begin to take a book home each week. We ask that children read or have the opportunity to listen to a story be read to them every day.