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What we are Learning

In this vehicle, the children will be told that Ms Barton would like them to help put on a Christmas market for Bradley Barton Primary School in December. The children will start by conducting research about Christmas markets in different European cities and interview a German Learning Support Assistant to learn about German Christmas markets. They will work collaboratively to map out the floor space needed for the Christmas market and share initial ideas about their products. The children will take ownership of this vehicle by deciding what products to make and sell, including framed art from different cultures, food products and Christmas decorations. Time will be given for children to design, collect materials and make their products, evaluate them, refine and make any changes. Additionally, the children will learn and create Christmas music to perform at Weihnachtsmarkt and accompany the market. Towards the end of the vehicle, children will host a German Christmas market – Weihnachtsmarkt, for the families and children of Bradley Barton Primary School, on an afternoon/evening and sell their products. Stalls will also be available to hire for a small fee to the community wanting to sell any products. The money raised from the Christmas market will go towards the Year 3 overarching vehicle theme for the year – fundraising.

This will be broken down into weeks as shown below (the journey below is our intention but as the vehicle evolves it may be adapted).


Please note: Alongside this learning, the children will be learning elements of our School Curriculum as well as the National Curriculum. Where possible, the English learning will be woven into this vehicle although there will be discrete teaching for English, Maths and other subjects where the learning does not fit.


Please see our vehicle journey below to learn more about each week! 

Class Read


The Christmas Pine 

Year 3 Statutory Spellings