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Home Learning



Homework in Year 4 comprises of 3 areas: reading, times tables and topic homework.


At Bradley Barton Primary School we ask that children read at least three times a week at home with an adult. This needs to be recorded in the reading diary which should be signed to confirm that the reading has taken place. Children will receive house points for the amount of reading they do at home: 3 times = 1 House Point, 5 times = 2 House Points, 7 times = 3 House Points!


Learning times tables is an essential part of your child's mathematical development, and helping them to master these at their own pace is a great way to support their mathematical learning at home. Please see "Our Learning" section of our class page for further information and supporting resources.


Finally, our topic homework will include design and make projects, research, presentations and games. It will be given out on a Friday and usually need to be returned to school the following Wednesday. Some homework tasks may be slightly larger and therefore we will allow more time to complete them. Homework will normally be marked as a class. On a Tuesday Lunchtime the school offers a Homework club which is supervised by a Key Stage 2 Teacher. If Homework is not handed in by the Wednesday children will complete it on a Thursday lunchtime.