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Activity 2

Shaving Foam Paper Marbling

You will need:


 - A plate, bowl or baking tray

 - Shaving foam (not gel)

 - Food colouring or any liquid paint, such as acrylic, poster paint or liquid watercolour

 - A cocktail stick, lolly stick, skewer or the end of a paintbrush

 - Paper cut into pieces that will fit your bowl, plate or tray



To marble you paper:


1. Squirt shaving foam into the tray. Make sure it covers the whole tray.  Use your stick or skewer to level any big lumps of foam so that it is reasonable flat.

2. Add your chosen colours to the shaving foam in small blobs or lines. Don't use too much paint to start with, you can always add more.

3. Use your stick to make swirls in the shaving foam, drawing the paint into shapes.  Keep going until you have a swirled pattern you are happy with. Again you can always add some more swirls. Take care not to over mix the colours.

4. Take a piece of paper and carefully place it on top of the foam. Press down lightly, to make sure that all of the paper is touching the foam.

5. Carefully lift your paper off the foam and set to one side to dry.  Repeat will all your pieces of paper.  You can add different colours and swirls as you go to get different effects.