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Mental Health Awareness Writing Challenge

This week's writing challenge supports Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for this week is kindness. 


It is very important that we look after ourselves and others to help everyone to be mentally healthy. You already know that you need to strive to achieve the '10 a day' for a positive mental health. 


If you complete this week's challenge you will...


1* make someone smile! 


2* achieve two of your '10 a day' by being caring for others and keeping in touch with others. 


Quite simply your challenge this week is to write a letter to make someone smile! 

Here are some questions that may give you some ideas to write about. 


How is your home learning going?


What kind of things are you doing for your daily exercise? 


Do you have any hobbies that are keeping you busy? 


What is your favourite part of each day?


What is the best thing that you have done since the school closure? 


What are you missing the most about being at school? 


You may also like to ask the person you are writing to some questions, which may encourage them to write a reply back!