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Activity 2

Activity 2 – Easter cards


You will need:

A piece of card or paper

Yellow or white paint

A sponge or paintbrush (or a cotton bud)

A black felt tip or pen


For our second creative activity over Easter, let’s make some Easter cards!  When you have finished your card, you could give it to someone in your house. Or perhaps you or an adult in your house know someone near you who is going to be on their own over Easter an would love to receive a card?  Why not ask if you can use your daily exercise to deliver a special Easter card to a friend or neighbour near you? Remember to practice safe social distancing if you do decide to deliver anything.

Whatever age you are, it’s always fun to use your hands to make pictures.  Here are a few ideas for your Easter card design.


Have fun!


Mrs Cronshaw


Fingerprint chicks

Picture 1

Use a sponge or paint brush to apply paint to your fingers, rather than dipping your fingers into paint.  This will help you to get a neat print, and not a blob.  Make as many chicks as you like and then leave your paper or card to dry.

Once the prints are dry you can use a pen, pencil or felt tip to add the eyes, beak, and feet and any other details you like.

You could also use this method to make little Easter bunnies, by adding rabbit ears, nose and whiskers and a fluffy tail instead.  Or use a light coloured paint, then coloured felt tips to make patterned Easter eggs.


Handprint Easter bunny

Picture 1

Again, use a paintbrush to apply paint to your hand.  You will want to cover your palm, and index and little fingers only, leaving the middle two fingers and thumb paint free.  make your print. (you might want a few goes, so practice on some scrap paper first. Leave the print to dry completely.

You can then add some details, using paint or felt tips. If you have other craft supplies such as buttons or googly eyes you could use those instead.


Paper handprints

Picture 1

If you prefer, you could draw round your hand (you might need someone to help you) then cut your handprint out.  Add different details, depending on which animal you want to create.