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What we are learning

Vehicle Learning- Autumn 2023 'Whatever the Weather!'


The children are going to be producing their own weather reports based on the journey of Santa Clause. In order to prepare to deliver these reports, the children will learn about the different types of weather, make weather devices and learn the locations of the countries and the continents around the world. Children will write to weather presenters to ask for their help and expertise. They will use printing skills to make weather symbols and work collaboratively to compose a theme tune for their weather reports. Children will present the weather from a BB newsroom at the live broadcast.


This will be broken down into weeks as shown below (the journey below is our intention but as the vehicle evolves it may be adapted).


Please note: Alongside this learning, the children will be learning elements of our School Curriculum as well as the National Curriculum. Where possible, the English learning will be woven into this vehicle although there will be discrete teaching for English, maths and other subjects where the learning does not fit.


Please see our vehicle journey below to learn more about each week!