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Challenging Learning

***Question of the Week***

Enjoy talking about this with your family. Listen to others, question the ideas of others and share your own ideas. This will help you to decide what you think. 


Autumn Term 2021

Week beginning 15th November - Is it more fun to be an adult or a child? 

Week beginning 22nd November - Should we be made to give to charity?

Week beginning 29th November - Is it better to do what you think is right or to follow the rules?

Week beginning 6th December - Is it better to fail at something or never try it in the first place?

Week beginning 13th December - The most important thing about Christmas is getting presents. Agree or disagree. 


Spring Term 2022

Week beginning 10th January - What is happiness?

Week beginning 17th January - Can one person change the world? 

Week beginning 24th January - Can good people do bad things? 

Week beginning 31st January - Is sorry the hardest word? 

Week beginning 7th February - Is the internet the greatest invention in history?

Week beginning 14th February - Is it important to travel?


Week beginning 28th February - A book a good gift. Do you agree or disagree?

Week beginning 7th March - Should everyone have equal rights? 

Week beginning 14th March - Should everyone be held responsible for their actions?

Week beginning 21st March - Who decides what is normal?

Week beginning 28th March- If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?

Week beginning 4th April - Only people who believe in Jesus should celebrate Easter.
Do you agree with this?


Summer Term 2022

Week beginning 25th April - Everyone can achieve their dreams. Agree or disagree. 

Week beginning 2nd May - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Agree or disagree.

Week beginning 9th May - All good deeds are self-less. True or False.

Week beginning  13th June - 

Week beginning 20th June - 

Week beginning 27th June - 

Week beginning 4th July - 

Week beginning 11th July - 

Week beginning 18th July -