Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.


In EYFS, MFL starts in Nursery with answering the register in different

languages and singing songs with actions. Children thoroughly enjoy these

opportunities and quickly pick up the basics, which then helps to build a foundation as they start to progress through the school.


In Key Stage One children study MFL on a fortnightly to monthly basis. MFL is taught by an experienced practitioner who speaks fluently in French to them. Children once again enjoy learning songs with actions, counting to ten and some conversational French.


In Key Stage Two children are taught French on a weekly basis. They are taught by another one of our experienced practitioner, who also speaks

fluent French. Children are completely immersed into the French language through these lessons, as only French is spoken. Lessons are taught around counting to twenty, saying the alphabet, developing wider conversational skills and being able to discuss themselves in French. These activities

really help to support with the transition to secondary school, as all pupils will study languages in Year 7.



Children' views of their learning

Here are some comments from some Year 5/6 children about their MFL learning:


“It’s really good practise for us, especially for when we study languages at Secondary School.”


“ It’s a good boost for our confidence, I love learning the different songs and playing French bingo!”


Here are some comments from some Year 2 children about their MFL learning: “

“ I enjoy listening to our French teacher talk, it sounds really cool.”


“ I love finding out how to greet people in French.”



Children's Learning



Successes of 2015-16

The whole school took part in an MFL day. During the day, children took part in a variety of activities, including a French breakfast, comparing our school to a school in France, art activities linked to French artists, such as Monet and Rembrandt. All children from EYFS to Key Stage Two learnt a variety of French songs, conversational French and played French games on the playground.


I loved the MFL day, the breakfast was delicious and we played some French games!”