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School Council

2020-2021 - Sadly, this year we were unable to run school council due to Covid but will hopefully be back in September 2021!

Welcome to Bradley Barton School Council 2019-2020


The School Council is made up of children from each Class from Years 1 to 6.  There is one representative from each Y1-Y5 class and two from year 6. The role of the School Council is to support Governors, staff, parents and pupils to improve aspects of our school linked to the School development Plan. The children also take an active role in fundraising for the school and outside charities. 


Our 2019 mission statement is: 


"This year we aim to raise money as possible for a variety of charities through events and activities.  We will go on learning walks and liaise with local schools to support raising standards in teaching and learning across the school''.

Autumn 1 Meeting 11th October 2019


This Friday we had our first official school council meeting where we decided on our mission statement, discussed the new lunch time procedures and made plans for Children in need 2019.  The year 6 children also put themselves forward to represent the school in local school council meetings with local schools. In order to achieve this role, the children gave speeches to their fellow school council members as to why they should be elected. The children then voted and chose two council representatives. 


Out next school council meeting will be Friday 6th December 2019.

Autumn 2 meeting Friday 6th December 2019


In today's meeting we started off by celebrating the amazing success of raising £315 for Children in Need. We discussed what we think went well and what we thought we could improve for our next fund raising event. Next we discussed our views on the lunch time reward system and how the children are really pleased with the changes to the lunch time. Lastly, the School Council have been selected to do a very special job involving their voices for the Christmas performance, so watch out in the show for them! 


Our next meeting will be Friday 7th February 2020