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Welcome to Bradley Barton School Council 2018-2019


Miss Cox leads the School Council at Bradley Barton.  The School Council is made up of children from each Class from Years 1 to 6.  There are a total of 20 class representatives.  The role of the School Council is to support Governors, staff, parents and pupils to improve aspects of our school linked to the School development Plan.

This year, this will include behaviour and promoting growth mindset. 


Our School Council for this year is currently under construction whilst class votes take place.  Watch this space to meet our brand new team......




The School Council elections have taken place in class and our new School Council met for the first time with Mr Wooton in Miss Austin's absence on the 5th October 2018.


They got off to a very busy start with a role in preparing questions for the Administrative Assistant interviews which will take place on Monday.

The other topics discussed were creating a 'Litter picking' team in school as well as looking at Promise Posters linking to improving behaviour in school as a Priority on our School Development Plan. 


Next School Council meeting is...... 13th December 2018 at 1.30pm.


Autumn 2 Meeting

We met on the 13th December to welcome Miss Cox as the new School Council leader.

We voted for menu choices for census day and made suggestions for new puddings for the kitchen.


We discussed KS2 homework and took a democratic vote to decide if we agree with our current homework policy.  We shared our views with the Senior leadership team.


Our next meeting is on.....Friday 1st Feb at 1.30pm.

Spring 1 Meeting

We met on Friday 8th February as our meeting was postponed due to bad weather. We celebrated the changes the school council implemented within the school dinner menu and discussed what the children wanted to do for sports relief.


We discussed our views on possible improvements the school could make and how we could support this with learning walks and monitoring the children could do.


The children also expressed interest in having more after-school clubs at Bradley Barton and have them open to more age ranges. We have shared these view with staff and senior leadership.


Our next meeting is on... Friday 29th March 2019 at 1.30pm


Spring 2 Meeting 


We met on Friday 29th March and started off our meeting by celebrating the £220 we helped to raise for Comic Relief! 


We went on to plan some behaviour monitoring the children were keen to participate in and decided a date for a learning walk around school in summer 1.  We also decided some key areas the children wanted the learning walk to focus on, which are also linked to our school development plan. 


Our next meeting is scheduled to be Friday 17th May 2019

Summer 1 Meeting 


The children looked at the results from their own behaviour monitoring and compared KS1 to KS2.


The children are also excited to be part of the interview panel for the upcoming recruitment opportunities at the school. The children formulated their own questions and are excited to hear the responses. 


We also discussed a learning walk the children will be completing as part of their whole school monitoring and the children are looking forward to observing other classes. 


The next meeting will be on Friday 19th July 2019

Summer 2 


We have had a really productive meeting today, where we were able to reflect on all of our achievements this year and say what we think should be improved for the school council in the next academic year, We also discussed our fund raising achievements and what we have raised for external charities throughout the year. We also discussed the difference our contributions have made to our school community, from our behavior monitoring to our changes to the school dinner menu. 


It has been a fantastic year for the school council and each member should be really proud of their achievements! Well done everyone!