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School Policies

We are currently undertaking a policy review and during this time some policies may not appear here whilst they are being uploaded. If you require a copy of any one of our policies please contact the office and we will send the most current one to you. Please contact or pop in and see us. Many thanks.

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.  Equally, if you would like a copy of one of our policies in an alternative format/language please contact the school office.


Aggressive Behaviour

Bradley Barton Primary School is committed to putting pupils at the heart of it service delivery.  However, there are occasions when parent/carers or visitors can act in a way we consider unacceptable.  Bradley Barton Primary School expects its staff to be treated in a respectful manner, and whilst it is understood that people sometimes get frustrated, we will not tolerate behaviour which is deemed unacceptable, threatening, abusive or unreasonably persistent.


The school has a policy which we will enforce should the need arise.  Should you require a copy of this policy please contact the school office:


Raising Concerns and Resolving Complaints

From time to time parents, and others connected with the school, will become aware of matters which cause them concern. To encourage resolution of such situations the Governing Body has adopted a “School Complaints Procedure”.


The procedure is devised with the intention that it will:


  • Usually be possible to resolve problems by informal means

  • Be simple to use and understand

  • Be non-adversarial

  • Provide confidentiality

  • Allow problems to be handled swiftly through the correct procedure

  • Address all the points at issue

  • Inform future practice so that the problem is unlikely to recur.


    Full details of the procedure may be obtained from the School Office or from the Clerk to the Governing Body.