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Home Learning


In Red Kites, we hope that all children will develop a love of reading. We have a wide variety of books in the library for children to read, and welcome books which are brought in from home. We ask that children read at least three times a week at home, for fifteen minutes or more, but hope to see more time spent reading. This needs to be recorded in the reading diary, which should be signed to confirm that the reading has taken place. I will be checking the reading diaries on a Friday each week, and will always respond to any comments left in there. A reward system is in place across Y5/6 in which children are entered into a raffle draw for reading at home (this must be recorded in their reading diary to get a raffle ticket). They have the chance to select from a range of different books if they win the raffle.  Please encourage your child to read regularly at home. Reading is critical for their learning in all areas of the curriculum. 



After the success of vehicle-based homework last year, we will be carrying this on this year. In Red Kites, children will receive project-based homework which will last 1-3 weeks (depending on how long we think it will take to complete). This homework will set on a Friday and collected on a Wednesday. We expect the children to spend at least 30 minutes on this homework per week and to take as much pride in what they do at home as they do with their learning in school. Children will have the opportunity to attend a homework club on a Tuesday which will be run by a teacher. During this club, they will be able to get support in completing their homework and use the resources which we have at school. If children do not complete their homework or it is of a poor standard, this will be completed during a Wednesday lunchtime.