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Religious Education

From Year 1 to Year 6, we use Discovery RE plans to plan our Religious Education units. These units link to the Devon Agreed Syllabus. The lesson plans are organised into units which focus on a ‘big question,’ which children aim to answer by the end of the unit. The unit is broken down into smaller questions which provides the focus for each lesson. Having an enquiry based approach ensures that Religious Education is interactive and allows children to be fully engaged with their RE learning. Activities seek to allow children to explore religious customs, festivals, stories and artifacts of different world faiths, including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam, independently and in a creative environment. Through enquiry based learning, children are able to compare and contrast, ask their own questions and make their own judgments. This noticeably gives children ownership and meaning to their learning.


RE is led by Miss Clements

Children’s Views of their Learning

A Year 5 pupil shared their thoughts on RE at Bradley Barton.


“I really enjoy it when we get to act out stories from different religions and I like learning about different peoples beliefs.



“I enjoy RE because you learn different things that you didn’t know before.”


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