Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.


As a school, we teach science both within the children’s classrooms and in the Outdoor Classroom. Class teachers have overall responsibility for their children’s science learning, and teach science as part of their termly vehicles


All classes in Years 1 to 6 receive a morning or afternoon session of Outdoor classroom learning per week, whilst their class teacher completes non-contact activities relating to Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA). These sessions are delivered by our specialist team of Outdoor Classroom staff—Amanda Cox (Teacher) and Trish Heath (LSA) They enjoy the learning opportunities afforded by our generous school grounds. Outdoor Classroom provides a rich, holistic learning experience for our children, including various elements of Gardening, Design Technology, Story Telling, Song Writing, Forest Schools, Sustainable Living in addition to the central theme of Natural Sciences.


Children receive 5 out of 6 half terms completing learning in the Outdoor Classroom. For the additional half term, Years 1 to 3 attend Outdoor Crafts with Mr. Gold, and Years 4 to 6 attend Teambuilding with Mr. Burford (the timing in the year will vary depending on the class)