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Maintaining a Positive Mental Health

Parent/Carer surveyChildren's Mental Health Week 


Next week is Children’s Mental Health week 6 - 12th February 2023 and the theme is ‘Lets Connect'.

There is a survey for our parents/carers to complete to share your views by following the link and answering the online questions:


In school we have been using the fantastic resources from the BBC. We would encourage you to use the videos at home as a family, which will promote a real sense of fun and a feeling of well being!




Worry dolls made and donated by Eat That Frog students

Sleep support for children

Support in returning to school

Grounding techniques

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Grounding techniques

support for Self Care

10 a day quiz

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Lets Talk: 10 a day.

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Reward time - 10 a day

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Covid support for families

Tips for talking about Mental Health

Mood monsters for younger children

Using different words to identify emotions - Plutchik Wheel of Emotion

Things to say to an anxious child

A reminder of the 10 a day to stay healthy 😀

Transition support - please get in touch if we can help in any way 😀

What colour is love?

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Enjoy a sorry about love. Show the ones you care for how much you love them. Tell them, show them, be kind 😀

Sun safety - enjoy the sunshine safely everyone!

Positive parenting tips

A Mindful Snack 10th June 2020

Self belief - 3/6/20


Use the link below to take part in a dance all about self belief


Then talk to an adult about three things that make you as special as you are!

Check out This brilliant positive mental health message in a BGT audition:


keep talking, stay connected 😀🖤

Special Play

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Join Miss Austin as she introduces Special Play as a technique to support positive attention and relationship building at home.

Special play information

Let's talk about Behaviour

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Join Miss Austin for tips and advice on managing behaviour at home.

Let's talk about SLEEP

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Join Miss Austin as she shares some useful tips about sleep and routine 😀

Miss Austin shares some useful grounding techniques to support you when you are feeling worried.

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10 a day from Miss Austin

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Here is a video from Miss Austin reminding you of the 10 a day to support your physical and mental wellbeing. It would be great to see some examples of how you are keeping healthy at home using the 10 a day guide.

Achieving your '10 a day!'

We would love to share the ways in which you and your family are achieving the '10 a day!'


Please send any photos to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo or Tapestry.