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'Dear Zoo'

Week beg:  16.03.2020


This week we will be changing the character of our pets in the story Dear Zoo and thinking of new ways to describe them.  We will be focusing on number recognition in Maths.  In our vehicle, we will be thinking more about our chosen class pet and finding out how to care for them and what we will need to buy in preparation for their arrival.  It's very exciting.


Did you know... as a Health and Safety precaution and to reduce the number of adults coming into our building during the day we will be receiving Nursery children at the blue double doors in the morning and dismissing them individually to parents at the end of each day via the back door of the Nursery.  We thank all parents for their cooperation in this matter.

Week beg:  09.03.2020


This week we will be considering which animals are suitable to become our class pet and thinking about what we will need to take care of the pets selected.  We will continue to retell Dear Zoo using actions.  In Maths, we will be focusing on shape.  We will be naming and describing 2D and 3D shapes, using shapes appropriately in tasks and talking about shapes in our environment.


Did you know... the Nursery adults upload photos and observations each week onto Tapestry.  You can easily log on and see what your child has been up to by using the app.  Please ask Miss Austin if you need any support with this.


Date for diary - Friday is Sport Relief.  Your child can bring a small donation, wear sports clothes to school and take part in Physical Development activities. 

Week beg:  2.3.20


This week we will be learning the words and actions to Dear Zoo using a variety of masks, puppets and props.  We will be drawing pictures to represent the story and use describing words to make our language about the animals more exciting. We are getting better at answering why and how questions which is something that your children could practice at home.

In Maths, we will be looking at different patterns, continuing and creating them using shapes, objects, numbers and ourselves.


Did you know... It is World Book Day on Thursday 5th March.  Children are invited to wear their pyjamas into school to share bedtime stories.  You are welcome to bring a book that you no longer want to swap with a friend.

Week beg 24.02.2020


This week we will be returning after half term to a brand new vehicle:  Pets.  We will begin by having a special visit from a puppy and reading our new T4W text:  Dear Zoo.  We will be focusing on sentence structure and using new vocabulary this week, improving our speech patterns and extended language.  In Maths, we will be focusing on matching quantity to numeral and in PSED we will be exploring our feelings and those of others.


Do you have a pet?  Would you be willing to bring your pets in from home to share with the children during a carpet session?  Please see Miss Austin if this is something that you are able to do over the next half term.  Thank you.

Week beg:  10.02.2020


This week we are coming to the end of our Space vehicle.  We will be designing and making our rockets this week ready for our big launch!  Parents are invited in to join us on Thursday 13th Feb at 1pm-1.30pm to test how far our rockets can travel.

In Maths we will be revisiting touching and counting and number recognition. We will be looking at different patterns that we can use in our rocket design.

Week beg 03.02.20


This week in Nursery we will be thinking about our Rocket project by researching different types of rockets and the ways that they move and how they travel.  We will be creating our own pictures to represent what we would like to take to Space with us in our Rocket.  In Maths, we will be focussing on 2D shapes and looking at patterns that we can use to improve the look of our rockets. 


Did you know...parents can now access Tapestry.  Please ask a member of staff if you were not able to attend one of the sessions with miss Lean to retrieve your password and we will arrange for you to sign up.  

Week beg: 27.01.20


This week we will be focussing on what we would like to take to the moon with us in our rockets.  We will be deciding as a group what we feel is important to take and what is less important.  The children will be mark making pictures to represent their ideas and in Maths we will be using our counting skills to pack our suitcases, carefully counting how many we need.  We will begin to use the internet and books to research different types of rockets.  The children will also be retelling the story of Whatever Next as an end of story assessment. 

Did you know... next week we will be wearing non uniform with items of yellow and green to support the Australia fires. This will take place on Thursday 6th February.

Week beg:  20.01.2020


Well done to all our new children who have all had a fantastic start to their Nursery journey.  We are all very proud of how they have settled in and how our existing children have returned to school successfully. 

This week we will continue to be retelling the text of Whatever Next using puppets, masks and instruments.  In maths, we will be improving our counting skills, identifying our 'stopping number' and being accurate in touching one item at a time when saying each number name.

Week Beg:  06.01.20


This week we will be welcoming our new children into Nursery and settling our existing children back in.  We will be sharing our new text 'Whatever Next!' and talking about our Christmas holidays and family celebrations.  Our class commitments have been agreed and displayed as follows:


I can look after things in my classroom.

I can be kind.

I will look after my belongings.

I will follow the carpet code.

I will use my walking feet.

I will line up with my lips closed.


Please support us with these at home.  We will be making new friends and having lots of fun within the Foundation Stage!