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What are we learning?

Autumn 1 - We are family! 

For the first half term, our key focus for our children will be PSED and Communication and Language to support transition into Reception and Nursery. Our vehicle is “We are Family” and we will be aiming to create a culture of a “class family.” We will spend the half term learning about each other and sharing photos, videos and stories about our families at home. We will learn about respect towards ourselves, our friends and our environment. For the first two weeks, we will focus on “all about my school,” learning how to use the inside and outside environment. We will develop independence, during Free Flow, and consider how to maintain a clean and safe environment. In week three, we will explore “all about me”, creating collages that represent who we are. In week four, we will explore “all about my family” and learn how to make family trees.

In week five we will explore “all about our homes” and share videos of our houses. We will use google maps to look at our houses and consider how similar/ different our houses are. Throughout the half term, we will collate all of our learning. In week 6 and 7, we will reflect on what we have learned about families and consider what kind of family we are. We will prepare a short movie based on our learning and inspired by our Literacy text “Our class is a family.”


To Launch this vehicle:

We will invite families in, during week 2, to attend a “Family Free Flow” session. The parents will come in for an hour in the afternoon to explore the environment with their children and make connections with other families.



We will host a premiere for our film “We are Family.” Parents will join us in school, for the premiere. We will display all of the learning from the half term in the hall for parents to enjoy. This will include photos, collages and family trees. .



All areas of the curriculum are intertwined within our vehicles. Take a look at our vehicle journey below.