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School Travel Plan

Bradley Barton currently holds a Platinum Travel Plan Award from Devon County Council. We are working really hard to increase the number of children and families who travel to school using sustainable and healthy modes of transport. Martin Burrows, from Sustrans, regularly supports us in school to educate and equip our children with knowledge and skills to ensure they are road safe if they choose to walk, scoot or cycle to school.


This year we will be continuing to promote walking, scooting and cycling to school. Look out for exciting events throughout the year.



July 2017

Another group of year 5 children took part in their 4 days level 1 & 2 Bikeability course.  The weather wasn't very kind to them, but they all came back smiling and passed with flying colours.


January 2017

12 x year 5 children have taken part in a 4 day level 1 & 2 Bikeability course.  The children learnt about their bikes and how to maintain them as well as the importance of their own and other road users safety.  On the first day the children spent time in the playground improving their bike handling skills and completed a tricky cycle course with lots of tight corners and emergency stops.  On day 2-4 the children left school on their bikes and explored the local area practicing lots of 'on road' safe riding.   They all had a great learning experience and the feedback from the instructor was very complimentary.


November 2016

All year 4 children have taken part in their level 1 Bikeability course.  The children learnt the importance of wearing a helmet at all times when riding their bikes, basic bike maintenance and cycling skills.  They finished their sessions by completing a complex course in the playground which leave them all well placed to embark on their Level 2 course next year when they are in year 5.


January 2016

22 year 5 children have recently taken part in a week long bikeability course. This course enabled children to learn about their bikes and how to maintain them, as well as the importance of wearing safety gear. The children spent the week outside in the local area learning how to ride their bikes on the road. The instructors were very proud of the children and commented on how well behaved and keen to learn they were.


November 2015

As the evenings get darker all children across the school started to think about how they can keep themselves safe on the way to and from school. Foundation stage had a visit from Taylor Whimpy. They learnt about safety clothing in the dark and all received a reflective snap band to wear on their way to school and back home.

Martin Burrows sold a range of reflective gear and bike lights for parents and children after school. This was really successful and I would like to thank you for helping us to raise money which we can put towards creating more exciting travel events this year.


Bike and Scooter Maintenance Day