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Activity 1


Lots of people know that during Ramadan Muslims fast, which means they don’t eat food when the sun is in the sky.

But they also spend their time focussing on other things such as;

- Going to the mosque (their place of worship) more often

- Reading the Qu’ran (their holy book) more often

As they do these things it reminds them of how to be a better Muslim and a nice person.


Today’s challenge is to think of ways in which you are going to be a nice person this week.

Choose 1 thing each day that you will try to do that day.

You could even make yourself a timetable and tick off when you’ve done each thing each day.

For example;

Monday - Today I can share with someone.

Tuesday - Today I can tell my family reasons why I love them.

Wednesday -  Today I can be kind to my grown-ups.

Thursday – Today I can be patient.

Friday – Today I can help with dinner or do the washing up.