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Pupil Voice

Children’s views of their learning


“I love Science, because you get to answer questions and do experiments!” - Eloise, Year 1


“I love doing science at home. My favourite was when I looked at the density of water when it is saturated with sugar” - Neve, Year 2


“I like science because you see things you don’t expect” - George, Year 3


“In the Outdoor Classroom, we discovered what germs can do. Aftr two weeks, the bread someone had touched had gone all mouldy. We found out someone who doesn’t wash their hands can spread germs!” - Riley, Year 4


“We used dataloggers to investigate sound. You plug in the probe, and the closer you get the louder the sound gets. You can see the number go higher” - Liam, Year 5


“Science is the only subject that can answer the hardest of questions” - Martha, Year 6