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Pupil Voice

Children’s views of their learning


I like finding animals because you just need to look in different places to see where they live (Reception child)


Snails climb out of their shell when they get too big for it, and then they become slugs. When they find a big enough shell, they climb inside and make a new house. (Year 1 child)


I’ve enjoyed learning about pets because I like them and we got to make our own! It would be good to do more experiments, for example potions with red and blue dyes. (Year 2 child)


I enjoy all the experiments that we do in science. My favourite was spinning a bucket of water over my head (Year 3 child)


Working Scientifically means when you’re using science stuff, like stuff on the wall or rulers or microscopes. It is also important to use scientific language, for example germinates instead of grow. (Year 6 child)


Science is fun because you get to work in and outdoors! (Year 4 child)