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Mathematics at Bradley Barton


Maths is led across the school by Mrs Ruston, Mrs Medland and Miss Lawton.  If you have any questions about Maths at Bradley Barton, please speak to one of the team!


Our School Vision and Aims

Here at Bradley Barton, we believe that mathematics is an important part of children’s development throughout school, right from an early age.  We want our children to be confident mathematicians who see maths as  a integral part of their everyday lives, not just part of a maths lesson.  As a school, through mathematics teaching and learning, we aim for our pupils to be:

- Someone who begins to look for patterns.

- Someone who shows a deeper application.

- Someone who identifies and understands the connections between maths and demonstrates this through the transfer of skills.

- Someone who is systematic and resilient and can extend their own learning.



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