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What we are learning

Spring 2 - Tiger Trouble!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea


This half term we will be using the NCETM scheme of planning. 

The four main areas that we will cover and revisit are; 

- subitising

- ordinality, cardinality and counting

- composition

- counting



  • increase confidence in subitising by continuing to explore patterns within 5, including structured and random arrangements
  • explore a range of patterns made by some numbers greater than 5, including structured patterns in which 5 is a clear part
  • experience patterns which show a small group and ‘1 more’
  •  continue to match arrangements to finger patterns.


Cardinality, ordinality and counting

  • continue to develop verbal counting to 20 and beyond
  • continue to develop object counting skills, using a range of strategies to develop accuracy
  • continue to link counting to cardinality, including using their fingers to represent quantities between 5 and 10
  • order numbers, linking cardinal and ordinal representations of number.



  • continue to explore the composition of 5 and practise recalling ‘missing’ or ‘hidden’ parts for 5
  • explore the composition of 6, linking this to familiar patterns, including symmetrical patterns
  • begin to see that numbers within 10 can be composed of ‘5 and a bit’.




  • continue to compare sets using the language of comparison, and play games which involve comparing sets
  • continue to compare sets by matching, identifying when sets are equal
  • explore ways of making unequal sets equal.


Please follow the link to see what we will be covering in our weekly PSHE lessons.