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What we are learning



Our vehicle focus is:



'To buy a class pet '


For this topic, we will focus on the stories:


'Dear Zoo'



We will be following our successful 'Talk for Writing' Programme, whereby the children will learn the language and actions of the story, so that they can get to know the story really well and retell it to others through role play and puppetry. 



Week beg 24.02.2020


This week we will be returning after half term to a brand new vehicle 'To buy a class pet'.  We will begin by having a special visit from a puppy and reading our new T4W text 'Dear Zoo'.  In Maths, we will be focusing on addition and combining two groups of objects to find the total.


Do you have a pet?  Would you be willing to bring your pets in from home to share with the children during a carpet session?  Please see Miss Lean or Miss Lawton if this is something that you are able to do over the next half term.  Thank you.




Vehicle Overview Spring 1