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What we are learning

Summer 2 - Vehicle

Art Attack 

The children will follow the journey of Matisse, a very artistic snail, who brings smiles to everyone's faces through his beautiful outdoor art work. 

As the sun begins to shine at Bradley Barton this Summer, the children will create their own outdoor art bringing colour to our outside space. 



Summer 1 - Literacy

Matisse's Magical Trail by Tim Hopgood and Sam Boughton

The children will learn a modified version of this story. Alongside their vehicle learning they will plan, make and evaluate their own artistic trail and write about this for their final progress write.  


Matisse's Magical Trail

Summer 1 - Maths

In our final half term in EYFS we will cover the following topics:

- doubling

- sharing and grouping

- even and odd

- patterns

- consolidation

Summer 2 - PSHE

In this half term we will be looking at Growing and Changing. 

For more information about what we are covering, please see the link below.