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What we are learning

Spring 1 Vehicle - London's Calling! 

The children will learn about the people and the world that we live in by making links with children in another school. They will introduce themselves, talk about their families and where they live, making comparisons between themselves and children in London. They will publish their own book to share with the children in London and hopefully receive one from their new pen friends in return. As a further incentive to produce their best work, we hope to have our book on display in Newton Abbot library!


Spring 1 - Talk for Writing

For the first four weeks of this half term our writing will focus on the story of 'The Train Ride' by June Crebbin.

The book follows a lovely repeating pattern that mirrors the sound of the train as it travels through the countryside. It repeatedly tells the reader "That's what I see, that's what I see," and asks "What shall I see? What shall I see?". The children will be encouraged to write their own ideas about things that they can see, their own questions to the reader, and eventually their own shortened version of the story. 



The Train Ride by June Crebbin

We're off on a journey out of the town! Come aboard for the train ride. There is so much to see and someone very special waiting at the end!

Spring 1 - Maths

Our first 3 week block of maths is called 'Alive in 5!'

During this we will:

- Introduce zero

- Compare numbers to 5

- Look at the composition of 4 and 5


In Shape, Space and Measure we will look at:

- Comparing mass

- Comparing capacity


The next 3 weeks is called 'Growing 6, 7, 8'.

During this we will:

- Introduce 6, 7, 8

- Make pairs

- Combine two groups


In Shape, Space and Measure we will look at;

- Length and height

- Time

Spring 1 - PSHE

This half term the children will be covering the unit called 'Keeping Myself Safe'. 

This unit includes;

- What's safe to go on my body

- What's safe to go in my body (including medicines)

- Keeping safe indoors and outdoors

- Listening to my feelings

- Keeping safe online

- People who help to keep me safe