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Who is Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher                                 Ms J Barton


Deputy Head                                 Mr A Wootton


SENDCo                                        Mrs H Rose       


Chair of Governors                        Mr R Satterley


Nursery - Fledglings                     Miss T Austin & Mrs C Lambshead 

                                                     with Mrs K Clark & Miss S Henley 


Robins (Reception)                         Miss K Bennett with Mrs D Palma


Sparrows (Reception)                     Miss M Lawton with Mrs R Stancombe


Blackbirds (Yr1)                            Miss A Cox 

Woodpeckers (Yr1)                       Mrs H Hammond

Songthrushes (Yr2)                      Miss A Reid

Chaffinches (Yr2)                         Miss N Walters

Magpies (Yr3/4)                           Miss D Medland

Ravens (Yr3/4)                             Ms J Cronshaw


Herons (Yr3/4)                             Miss K Haycock


Kestrels (Yr4/5)                            Mr S Elwood


Peregrines (Yr5/6)                        Miss E Bacon


Tawny Owls (Yr5/6)                       Mr J Butters


Red Kites (Yr5/6)                          Mr M Easterbrook

Inclusion team                              Miss J Thomspon, Mr L Radford


HLTA                                            Mrs K Clarke


KS1 Lead LSA                                Mrs K Clarke

KS1 LSAs                                       Mrs L Harvey, Mrs D Hedge,

                                                     Mrs L Steer, Mrs S Wakeham, Miss L Gibbs, Miss A Rendel

KS2 LSAs                                       Mrs L Portsmouth, Mrs M Thomas, Mrs A Saunders,

                                                     Mrs C Curle, Miss F Budd, Mrs A Williams,

                                                     Miss J Hedge, Mrs D Heywood, Miss G Hedge


KS2 Cover Supervisor                    Mr J Burford

Outdoor Classroom                      Mr G Brown, Miss E Reilly,  Mrs T Heath


After School & Breakfast Club       Mr J Burford,  Mrs K Vicary, Mrs C Walker,

                                                    Miss J Hedge, Miss A Rendel


Sports Coach                                Mr D Knott

Administrators                             Mrs L Douglas, Mrs B Lamacraft, Mrs N Weatherdon, Mrs E Green


Clerk to Governors                       Ms H Jordan