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minutes june 2017

We met on Wednesday 28th June for our final school council meeting this academic year.

This year, School Council have been involved with so many successes including staff interviews, pupil talks, learning walks, Newton Abbot School Council, liasing with local schools Highweek and Wolborough and organising fundraisers.

We have also supported and monitored behaviour in school linked to the dinner hall and playground choices.

Well done and a huge thank you to all members of 2016-2017 School Council.

We met on 10th May 2017 to discuss future fundraising projects, how the dinner hall behaviour has improved since the Golden table was introduced and to plan our upcoming visit to Highweek Primary School.  Please find the minutes below.

The date of our next meeting is Wednesday 28th June at 1.30pm.


We met on Wednesday 29th March.  We held learning talks with our pupils to find out how they feel about their learning, rewards and keeping safe.   Have a look at our results below.

We met on Wednesday 8th February.  We discussed a fundraising event for Comic Relief on Friday 24th March.  We had some really great ideas form our reps.  Letters to follow.....

We will be holding Pupil Talks with a focus on behaviour which will hopefully lead to a behaviour focus week in the Summer term.

Our NALC reps visited the clock tower in town to find out more about the History of Newton Abbot. They are looking forward to their next meeting very soon.


Diary dates:

Pupil Talks - 29th March 2017 1.30pm

School Council Meeting - 10th May 2017 1.30pm.

Minutes 8.2.17

Welcome to Bradley Barton School Council


Miss Austin leads the School Council at Bradley Barton.  The School Council is made up of children from each Class from Years 1 to 6.  There are a total of 18 class representatives this year.  The role of the School Council is to support Governors, staff, parents and pupils to improve aspects of our school linked to the School development Plan.

This year, this includes PSHE at all levels.  Further details can be found in documents below.


We had our first meeting in October which was a great opportunity to get started with a list of tasks already set for us!  This included organising a fund raising event for the upcoming Children In Need day, addressing how recycling could be improved and developing Pupil Voice, an opportunity for classmates to share their thoughts and feelings via School Council.  Minutes of this meeting can be found below.


Important diary dates: 

School Council Learning Walk - Thursday 24th November at 1.30pm

School Council Meeting - Wednesday 8th December at 1.30pm.




A huge thank you to the children and families of Bradley Barton Primary school for raising an enormous £1200.00 for Children In Need.  We had a fun day wearing spotty items of clothing and taking part in spotty art activities.

We would like to thank Mrs Hayley Burden and Lloyds Bank for their help and generosity in achieving this fantastic amount of money.  Well done everyone. Let's keep on making a difference.

We met to take part in school Learning walks.  We really enjoyed looking around each class and finding out how learning takes place.  We focussed on Behaviour, Learning, Maths and Literacy.

We have shared our feedback with teachers, pupils and parents.


We met on the 8th December 2016.  We discussed our next Fundraising event which is Christmas jumper day on Friday 16th December to raise money for Save the Children charity.  Donations of £1 gratefully received.  We also focussed on lunchtimes and playground behaviour in our meeting.  Minutes can be found below. 

Minutes Dec 2016