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Summer Ordering 2018

Summer Ordering 2018 1

School Uniform

We believe that a smart uniform can instil pride; support positive behaviour; encourage identity with, and support for, school ethos; ensure pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protect children from social pressure to dress in a particular way; and nurture cohesion and promote good relations between different groups of pupils.
Bradley Barton Primary School ensures that the uniform policy is fair and reasonable and that the uniform chosen is practical, comfortable, appropriate and affordable. Our school has regard to its obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998.
Bradley Barton Primary School is fully committed to ensuring that the application of this Uniform policy is non-discriminatory in line with the UK Equality Act (2010).



Boys                                                     Girls

Grey trousers                                        Navy or grey skirt, pinafore or culottes

Golden yellow polo shirt                       Golden yellow polo shirt

Navy jumper or school sweatshirt         Navy jumper, cardigan or school sweatshirt

Grey, black or navy socks                     Navy or grey trousers

                                                              Navy or grey tights



Boys may wear tailored shorts – navy blue or grey

Girls may wear blue and white gingham dresses. Summer dresses should only be worn in the summer term unless in the event of extreme hot weather when they will be acceptable to wear during the other terms.


Please note all children must wear black shoes, not trainers.


During cold and wet weather, please ensure your child wears a sensible waterproof coat every day.  In addition to playtimes, many learning experiences take place outside and children need layers to stay warm, dry and comfortable.


Physical Education

It is essential that children change into the correct clothing before each PE lesson.


Navy blue shorts

white T shirt

bare feet (as encouraged by the Devon PE Advisory Team)


Navy blue shorts / briefs

a change of socks


additional clothing such as a navy blue tracksuit for winter months

Long hair must be tied securely back off the face.


All clothing and footwear must have the child's name clearly marked on it.


Fashion clothing, hair and jewellery

Extremes of fashion such as very wide or very narrow trousers, high-heeled shoes, strappy sandals or flip flops as well as fashion hair cuts and coloured hair are impractical and not acceptable in our learning environment. Pupils are not permitted to wear any jewellery except for a plain gold or silver stud earring in the lower lobe of each ear. No bracelets, rings, bangles or chains may be worn.


Enforcement of this policy

It is the responsibility of the Headteacher and all staff to monitor and enforce the uniform as part of the day to day running of the school. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their child comes to school in the correct uniform. Pupils found not to be wearing the correct school uniform will be asked by an adult to dress appropriately in the correct uniform the following day. School have spare items of uniform and a child found not to be wearing correct school uniform (including shoes) will be given one of these items to wear on that day. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child returns to school the following day wearing correct uniform. If the problem persists the school will contact parents and, if necessary, will be required to collect their child.


Role of Parents

We ask parents to support the school in reinforcing the school uniform policy and to ensure that the uniform is clean and smart. If there is a genuine reason why a pupil cannot wear the correct uniform, parents are requested to inform the school in writing.

Washing Uniform

Washing Uniform 1