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P.E. (30 minutes)

You choose:

1. P.E. with Joe Wicks (YouTube)

2. Miss Reid's daily P.E. challenge (BB website)

3. Cosmic Kids Yoga (YouTube)


Maths (30 minutes)


If you have a dice roll it twice and write down the numbers that you land on each time.

Can you times these numbers together?

For example I roll a 3 and then I roll a 4. My number sentence would be 3 x 4. Three times four. Three lots of four. Three groups of four.  

Can you draw a picture to represent this?

Do this 10 times. 


Challenge - Can you write word problems for each of these number sentences?

For example; Miss Clements has 3 plant pots. Each pot has 4 seeds in it. How many seeds does she have altogether?


Reading (30 minutes)

Can you design an alternative front cover for a book that you have read?

Ask your grown up to take a picture and send it to us on Dojo!  


Topic (Optional)

This week is science week! Miss Cox and Mr Elwood have popped some science activities on the website for you to try. Have a go at today's activity and let us know how you get on! 


Outdoor Learning (Optional)

Miss Cox has a new daily activity for you. Find it on the website.