Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.


P.E. with Joe Wicks - 9am


English (30 minutes)

In your learning packs there is a question...

"How did the pirate get stuck on the deserted island?"

Please can you write a story about the pirate. 

Remember to use interesting sentence starters...

Once upon a time...

In a far off land...

Challenge - Can you also write the ending of the story? How does the pirate get off the island? Will it be a happy ending or will something bad happen?


Maths (30 minutes)

In your Spring Maths Activity Booklet there is an addition and subtraction colour by numbers. Please do this. 

Challenge - Can you take the questions from the sheet and write down any related number facts that you also know?

For example; if you know that 5 + 3 = 8, then you also know that 15+3 = 18, 50+30 = 80, 25+3 = 28 etc. 


Topic (30 minutes)

Choose one of the craft projects from your learning pack and get crafty. 

We love the look of the spring blossom trees. If you haven't got any tissue paper, colour some bits of paper yourself and use these!  

Think about the colour of the blossom on your trees. Which colours can you see on trees out of your windows at the moment? 


Reading (30 minutes)

Ask your Grown-ups to help you log into Oxford Owl and choose a book at your level to read.