Bradley Barton Primary School and Nursery All inspired to learn and inspired learning for all.


P.E. with Joe Wicks.

Every morning at 9am Joe Wicks will be doing a workout for children on YouTube.

We will be doing this at school everyday. Please do the same at home. If you don't make it for 9am, you can still find the daily routine on his YouTube page. 



In your learning packs there is a question...

"If you could have any fantasy pet, what would it be and why?"

Please use your imaginations to write a story.

You can do this on the page, or in your learning books. 



The Mystery of the Portrait Gallery - Clue Number 2. 



Get outside if you can and look for plants and flowers in your garden.

Have you got any seeds that you could plant?

There is a sheet in your learning pack called "Share what you know about seeds". 

Have a go at this. 

You could draw/ paint/ collage your favourite plant or flower that you can see in your garden or from your window? 



Choose your favourite book and read outside in the sun (if you can). 

Send us a picture of your sunny reading spot.